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WordPress Plugin Support – Own a 24/7 WordPress Support Team at a Fraction of the Cost of Hiring a Developer. Let us supercharge your WordPress site with our proactive maintenance (a.k.a. before you need us) and prompt reactive support (a.k.a whenever you need us) Phone 778.707.0787

WordPress Plugin Support

Do you spend hours upon hours trying to take care of a minor WordPress tweak or fix on your website? Many WordPress users — who struggle to grow their business — often spend hours into trying to do simple fixes on their WordPress sites due to a lack of expertise. Right from searching on Google to digging through Stackoverflow and WordPress forums, they waste their valuable time that could easily be spent on growing their business.

Do you deal with or depend on the so-called WP experts or ‘freelancers’ for your site? Then you should know that these freelancers are not only difficult to find, but are also highly challenging to work with. Not just that, they’re known to charge a hefty price for a minor design change or development help. No wonder most of the successful online businesses have a professional development team on standby — 24/7.

Cariboo Agency is a leading WordPress plugin studio. Our experience in building successful WordPress plugins means that we understand the challenges you face in managing and running a WordPress site.