Content Optimization
for Search Engines

Content Optimization – Knowing how to optimize content for search engines is essential, but often easier said than done. After all, mastering the art and science of search engine optimization (SEO) is no small feat. Frequent updates to Google’s search ranking algorithm only complicates matters. Although such updates go a long way toward enhancing the quality of search results by, for example, discounting the high volumes of low-quality content produced by content farms, they also mean that the best ways to optimize content are constantly evolving. Ready to start your content optimization? Phone 778.707.0787


All content will need to be optimized for maximum SEO impact. Optimization includes ensuring the content contains the appropriate keyword density, that there are keyword rich links to other sections/pages and that keyword rich headers & sub-headers are used. Never use graphics for content – all copy should be text based to ensure bots can crawl and read it.